Agate Heart Large in Pouch

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Agate is associated with healing properties. It is said to be the stone of balance and to be able to absorb negative energy. Agate is formed when the cavities in lava are filled with gas bubbles. As the lava solidifies, these gas bubbles fill up with water containing silica and alkali, finally coagulating into a gel. Gemstone hearts are cut and highly polished natural semi-precious stones and come in a wide range of shapes and varieties of stone. Each has their unique properties and are ideal to use as a worry stone, or for keeping in your hand, pocket or bag wherever you go, they can be placed under your pillow at night, used for meditation or chakra healing, simply to collect some wonderful semi-precious stones or as an ideal gift idea. This agate gemstone heart is approximately 4cm tall x 4cm wide and comes in a small pouch. This is a natural stone product and the shade and/or pattern can vary from stone to stone and from delivery to delivery. We always choose the best quality stones from reputable importers we have met and trust but can’t photograph every piece as they come in and change them as they sell so we try to keep an image on the site that is a good example of that item. If you have any questions regarding a natural stone item, please contact us and we would be happy to help. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Agate Heart Large in Pouch.

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