Ammonite Pair Large with Stands

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These two beautiful large ammonite pieces from Madagascar have been sliced and polished to show the crystal-filled internal chambers. In life, these chambers would have contained gas to keep the creatures buoyant in the water. Each ammonite fossil comes from the Lower Jurassic Period. These creatures resembled the modern squid, but lived protected in their beautiful shells which are now fossilised giving us the chance to own a piece of history. The clear stands provided make these decorative ammonite slices easy to display placed anywhere in the home. These cut ammonite fossils measure approximately 8cm x 6cm at the widest points and come packaged in a white card box which makes them an ideal gift idea for someone who is fascinated by fossils or would make a fantastic housewarming gift. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Ammonite Pair Large with Stands.

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