Black Agate Geometric Set 7 Piece in Gift Pouch

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This fascinating set of seven black agate crystals is made in geometric shapes including five Platonic solids, which are the only geometric shapes with the same number of sides meeting at each vertex with the same angle. This fantastic set includes the following seven Platonic solid shapes: cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron and icosahedron and the set is complete with star tetrahedron and sphere shapes. It is said that Sacred Geometry is an instrument of dialogue between man and God, permitting you to find unity inside nature’s diversity, providing understanding and experience to consciously shape the future. Each geometric crystal is approximately 1.5cm in diameter and comes presented in a handy pouch to keep them safe. This wonderful set of black agate crystals would make the perfect gift idea for someone who is a lover of crystals and they would make the perfect addition to a healing inventory. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Black Agate Geometric Set 7 Piece in Gift Pouch.

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