Candle & Incense Gift Box

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These charming candle and incense gift boxes include one of each per pack: a ceramic elephant candle holder with scented candle, ceramic elephant incense stick holder and a pack of seven incense sticks. These candles and incense sticks are beautifully scented with jasmine, rose and lavender fragrances. These lovely items are then prettily packed into a card box covered with cellophane which makes them the perfect gift idea for someone who is a lover of incense products. Or why not treat yourself to one of these cute gift boxes and try the wonderful fragrances yourself? Incense sticks and candles are the perfect way to fragrance your home and they can be placed anywhere around the home including hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or even the kitchen. These fantastic incense and candle gift sets measure 8.5cm long and 6.5cm x 2.5cm wide each. 

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