Coloured Dream Catcher Hanger Wood

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This wonderfully crafted cluster of dream catchers is made from a piece of wood decorated with five small dream catchers, hanging lower as they go from left to right, whilst coloured beautifully with pink, orange, yellow, green and turquoise webs and feathers. Each dream catcher then has three feathers giving the dreamer a wonderful natural aesthetic to their dream catcher. Dream catchers are based on the Native American tradition of hanging a symbolic web over a sleeping person to protect him or her from bad dreams. Hung above the dreamer, the dream catcher filters dreams from the night air, letting only the good dreams and important messages through into the feathers and then filtering them down onto the sleeping person. It then catches all bad dreams within the web. Measuring L30cm x H44cm from the hanging point to the lowest hanging feather. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Coloured Dream Catcher Hanger Wood.  

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