Copal and Sage Smudge Stick 7″

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This 7inch smudge stick is made from sage and copal (tree resin). It has been bound together using 100% cotton and dried, ready to burn. Both of these sacred herbs have been used for centuries by Native Americans and are both known for their protecting, cleansing and healing properties. Smudge sticks are known for their use in rituals or ceremonies to cleanse people, objects and places of negative energy. It is said that cleansing your house should be undertaken a couple of times a year, to clear negative energy that may have arrived. To use your smudge stick: light the tip and the blow it out (like you would an incense stick). Surround your body, the objects or a certain place you would like to cleanse with the smoke. Traditionally the ash is caught in a shell as this is also an ideal place to place an extinguished smudge stick. If you do not have a shell, a bowl would fine to hold underneath instead. To extinguish the stick smother the end (like you would a cigarette) but please be aware that the stick may continue to burn, so double check once smothered.

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