Dig Your Own Minerals Gift Box

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This fantastic gift box of minerals contains a plaster block with real minerals inside along with a digging tool and a brush, making it the perfect gift idea for children. The children can use the digging tool and the brush to dig their own minerals out of the plaster block and once they have cleaned their stones they can store them in the black pouch provided. Digging into the block the children may find a piece of tiger’s eye, howlite, rose quartz, amethyst or pyrite. This fantastic set of minerals comes in a decorative gift box making it the perfect gift idea for birthdays and Christmas or just for fun learning. Why not pair this fantastic set up with a rock & mineral information card that allows the children to learn more of the minerals they dig out. Click here for information. The box measures 10cm tall and 8x4cm wide. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Dig Your Own Minerals Gift Box.

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