Friends Quotes Gift Set Of 4 Coasters

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This original set of coasters is official ‘Friends’ merchandise, and all four are different: one is colored white and decorated with images of hot cups of coffee and the logo of the popular and well-loved New York café of ‘Central Perk’, is colored blue with a yellow picture frame and writing that reads ‘Welcome to the real world… it sucks.’, one is coloured red and white with the writing that reads ‘Hello my name is Regina Phalange’ and last but not least the fourth one is coloured yellow with black writing ‘We were on a break!’. This fantastic set of 4 coasters would make the perfect gift idea for all those ‘Friends’ lovers. It would also make a cracking addition to an existing ‘Friends’ collection. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Friends Quotes Gift Set Of 4 Coasters.  

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