Golden Mountain Dragon Mug in a Box

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This beautiful and wicked mug is made from bone china and shows everything you need to know about the Golden Mountain Dragon, or the ‘Draco Aureum Montem’. This decorative white mug has a picture of the Golden Mountain Dragon high up in the mountains, surrounded by jagged cliffs and trees high up above the earth’s surface on one side of the mug. On the other side is an information table packed with awesome details regarding your chosen dragon i.e. its size, habitat characteristics etc. All accompanied by stunning finely detailed artwork of the dragon, its egg and what it looks like as a dragonling. Why not add an extra bit of excitement to your morning brew with these fantastically designed mugs? Ideal for all lovers of mythological creatures or fantasy related lore. This stunning mug measures H9.5cm x W11.5cm including the handle and comes in a brilliantly decorated cardboard gift box. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Golden Mountain Dragon Mug in a Box.

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