Hairdressers Essential Oil Balm

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For a shampooing, cutting, colouring, streaking, blow-drying, miracle working, all-day-standing hairdresser! This is a wonderful ointment for haidressers that has been part of our range for over 20 years now. A natural muscle rub that was made with anyone suffering those day to day aches and pains in mind, now comes with our novelty and unique labels to make the ideal gift. The essential oils chosen are reputed through history to ease muscle pain, prevent cramps, relieve tired muscles and give the body a little more life. It can be used daily, before and after work, walking, gardening etc. or used in conjunction with sports and exercise. The special beeswax provides a protective layer over the skin allowing the essential oils to penetrate deep into the body as the ointment is massaged in. We hope the individual labels we provide make the product a uniquely different gift idea and try to produce the most popular topics/sellers but we can design and print different labels for companies or events. Please contact us for details. 

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