Incense Burner Red Toadstool

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This charming red toadstool is a very attractive tool to use for burning incense cones and is decorated with a window, a blue front door and a small brown chimney. Lifting this toadstool off its grassy base you can fit your burning cone onto the centre of the base, placing the toadstool back to its original place; you can enjoy your favourite aromas escaping through the little chimney, filling the atmosphere. This decorative incense burner would make the perfect gift idea for someone who is a lover of incense and would also make the perfect addition to an existing fairy village. This wonderful toadstool burner would make a great addition to any household placed in any room of the home. This lovely red toadstool incense cone burner is approximately 12cm tall, 8.5cm in diameter at the widest points and comes packaged in a decorative gift box with polystyrene for safe shipping. Why not check out our wide selection of incense cones to pair them up with this fantastic cone burner? Click here for info. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Incense Burner Red Toadstool. 

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