Ladybird Wheat Wrap in Acetate Gift Box

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This fantastic wheat wrap is filled with specially treated grains and lavender which are 100% natural to soothe and comfort aches, pains and stiff muscles. This lavender wheat wrap unfolds to 47cm length and relieves some symptoms of migraine headaches, stress and tension. Heated in the microwave it can be used as a warm bed comfort, is great for easing pains when ill or simply as a wonderful and safe alternative to a hot water bottle. This wheat wrap has a soft, plush feel to it, is coloured grey, decorated with white polka dots and ladybirds, and packaged in an acetate box making the ideal gift idea for any occasion. This Ladybird Wheat Wrap is made in Britain and the acetate gift box measures H18cm x W6.5cm x L10.5cm. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Ladybird Wheat Wrap in Acetate Gift Box.

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