Lime Splash Box of Tea Light Candles

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Uplifting and effervescent lime is tempered by creamy vanilla for a vibrant yet soothing scent to be positively savoured. These refreshing tea light candles are the perfect way to fragrance any room, by simply placing them into a tea light holder and letting the gorgeous aroma fill your home. These refreshing candles are packed in a decorative gift box which measures H2cm x W11.5cm x L11.5cm and includes 9 fragranced tea lights with up to 5 hours burning time each. Fragrance has the power to stir emotions, stimulate the senses and evoke memories. This wonderful range of tea lights contains only the finest fragrances to capture each moment in an aroma. This fabulous tea light set is made of American soy wax that is renewable, sustainable and kinder to the environment. All this means that you can enjoy these beautiful aromas in the knowledge that the whole manufacturing process has its heart in nature. This fantastic range of tea lights was designed with you (the end user) in mind and is the art of home fragrances so why not have your own little piece of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth? © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Lime Splash Box of Tea Light Candles. 

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