Love Handmade Christmas Cone Box

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This charming Christmas gift box is packed full with dried cones and other lovely goodies and scented with a festive fragrance mix, making it perfect to decorate areas of the home during the festive season. This gorgeous cone box also contains a wooden word block painted with cream and brown colours and decorated with a red stitching effect on the edges of the letters, finished with little pictures of Christmas decorations and a front door. These letters read ‘Love’ and are lying on the base block with red letters reading ‘may all your Christmas dreams come true’. This heartfelt word block measures approximately 7.5cm tall and 15cm long. This charming cone box is then finished with a tartan bow around it making it the perfect gift idea for someone special during the period of Christmas celebration. Why not treat yourself to one of our cone boxes to bring something heart-warming and decorative into your home during Christmas? This cone box measures 10cm tall and 19cm long. 

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