Marigold Flowers 20g Jar

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Also know as calendula flowers, marigold has a musky evocative fragrance and is a wonderful bright saffron colour. As well as for use in soaps and potpourri etc. the marigold flower has been used for many natural treatments. Rubbed on the affected part of a wasp or bee sting it is said to be a great remedy for pain and swelling. Lotions made from the marigold flower are used for sprains, aches and wounds whilst a water distilled from them is good for inflamed and sore eyes. An infusion of the freshly-gathered flowers is employed against fevers, as it gently promotes perspiration. A decoction of the flowers is much in use in country districts to bring out smallpox and measles, in the same manner as saffron. Marigold flowers are always in demand for children’s ailments. Supplied in a clear plastic jar for decorative storage, this also makes an ideal gift. Minimum weight: 20g.

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