Men’s Motto Mug

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These fantastic glazed ceramic mugs and coloured either black or white and are decorated with a comical motto and three stars. These humorous motto mugs are the perfect gift idea for any occasion whether it is for decoration or for using in the kitchen, they would make a fantastic addition to any household. The writing on the black mugs is as follows: ‘Rise? If I must shine? Not happening’, ‘My wife says I never listen to her… or something like that’ and ‘Man wanted, must be able to smile, nod and take orders’. The writing on the white mugs is as follows: ‘You’re wrong, I’m right, let’s move on’, ‘Founder member of the grumpy old men’s club’ and ‘I’m not awake yet, don’t even think about talking to me’. These comical mugs measure 9.5cm tall, 10cm in diameter at the bottom and they come packaged with bubble wrap in a plain card box. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Men’s Motto Mug.

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