Multi-coloured Rainbow Dream Catcher with Tassel

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This fantastic dream catcher is made using seven circles one of which is bigger than the rest and is used to hold the rest of the circles up. This decorative dream catcher mobile is created with colourful tassels and finished with a green bead in the centre of each circle and in the middle of each string. This stunning rainbow dream catcher would make the perfect addition to any home hung from the ceiling or a shelf. This stunning multi-coloured dream catcher measures approximately 55cm long with a diameter of 9cm of the biggest and 5cm of the smallest circles. Dream catchers are based on the Native American tradition of hanging a symbolic web over a sleeping person to protect him or her from bad dreams. Hung above the dreamer, the dream catcher filters dreams from the night air, letting only the good dreams and important messages through into the feathers and then filtering them down onto the sleeping person. It then catches all bad dreams within the web. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Multi-coloured Rainbow Dream Catcher with Tassel. 

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