Pinot Noir 4 Hour Root Legacy Tea Light Candles 8 Pack

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A luxurious candle, which is blended together with bright red grape with touches of raspberry and redcurrant and strong tannin notes mixed with dry, woody oak and cedarwood. Clean burning with quality oils and lasting up to 4 hours each mean that this candle is a great gift idea. This gorgeous range of candles started life as a simple novelty idea and became a successful trend over five generations of hard work, heritage and traditions. A.I. Root founded the Root Company in 1869. He was well known for his scientific curiosity and being a true innovator and entrepreneur, he was the sort of person who always sought a better way. He is still called the father of modern beekeeping to this day and his inquisitive mind led him to build a better beehive and create new ways to harvest honey without destroying the colony of the bees, helping to protect and encourage the bee population. His books including The ABCs of Bee Culture are the primary source of information to the beekeeping industry and his magazines including Bee Culture Magazine continue to be published today. In the 1920’s the Root brand of honey was advertised and well known to be the finest table grade honey available on the market. The Root Company’s early honey and beeswax enterprise turned to candle making in 1928; first by rolling up the sheets of beeswax and producing pure, long lasting and great quality candles. In the 1960’s the Root Company added colour and fragrance to the candles using only the finest natural essential oils to create wonderful long-lasting fragrances. Today these wonderful Root candles are created with five generations of experience by still using traditional methods to protect and encourage the bee population which is proving ever more important in our generation. Still crafting candles by hand using their own beeswax which is domestically harvested and filtered for purity and with a little help from modern technology, they now produce over 20 million candles a year. Root candles are still said to be the best candles in America for 85 years; A.I. Root wouldn’t have it any other way! © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Pinot Noir Orange 4 Hour Root Legacy Tea Light Candle.

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