Prosecco Fairy Door

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Where does the Prosecco Fairy actually live? The Prosecco Fairy lives behind the Prosecco Fairy door… This dinky ornament is made of wood with a bottle of fizz at one side and a champagne flute on the other and is decorated with white spots. The door itself is coloured gold with white hinges painted on and is finished with a white doorknob. Tied to the front of this shabby chic gem with a bow of string is a white sign reading “Prosecco Fairy” Place this on your mantelpiece or on a window-sill as a neat little ornament for your prosecco lovers, or equally can be a great gift for someone who shares your love of the fizzy stuff! This decorative Prosecco Fairy Door measures H13cm x W9cm. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Prosecco Fairy Door.

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