Pyramid Incense Cone Burner

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This beautifully designed wooden pyramid cone burner is made up of two parts: the base, which is made in a square shape with a brass cone holder in the middle and decorated with carvings on the side; and the pyramid shaped lid, which sits nicely on the base, decorated with flower shaped holes where the wonderful aromas of the burning cone can escape. Simply place your favourite incense cone on the brass centre of the base and light the tip then blow out the flame, put the lid back on and enjoy the relaxing smoke that’s filling the room. This lovely cone burner would make a fantastic gift idea for someone who is a lover of incense and would make the perfect addition to a hamper paired up with some incense cones chosen from our wide range. Click here for more details. This decorative cone holder measures 12cm tall and 9cm x 9cm wide at the base. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Pyramid Incense Cone Burner.

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