Satya Incense Gift Box

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This fantastic Satya incense gift box contains 14 boxes of various incense sticks from the popular Nag Champa to Aashta and Jasmine Blossom etc. This wonderful gift box also contains a box each of sandalwood and rose cones supplied with a plain, long wooden ash catcher for the incense sticks and a round wooden incense holder where you can burn incense cones plus four incense sticks at the same time! All of these gorgeous products are lovingly hand packed into a plain card box with a sticker placed on the front which can be used to put to whom the gift set is for, or can be a place for a lovely message to the recipient. The cost of these products if purchased individually would be £24.19 and as well as all the luxury contents, this Avena gift set also comes with a fantastic money off voucher for the recipient saving them 25% off their next online order, making the gift set complete and even better value! The description and image for each gift set is accurate when added to our website but should any item be out of stock we may replace this with a similar item so as not to delay delivery but we would only do this with an item of the same or higher value.

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