Scent Cup Candles 4 Pack Woodland Spa

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Step into your own woodland spa with fragrances featuring notes of cedar, eucalyptus and chamomile relaxing your body, mind and soul. These wonderful scented cup candles are the perfect size with a fantastic 12 hour burning time and come with individual holders; they are a great alternative to votive and tea light candles. The fragrances included in this fantastic set are Calming Aloe, Amber Forest, Guardian Angel and Dawn Mist. The ingredients for this luxurious range were sourced from well-known European fragrance houses with the emphasis on quality of fragrance. German-sourced cotton wicks are used and American soy wax that burns clearer, is renewable, sustainable and kinder to the environment. All this means that you can enjoy these beautiful aromas in the knowledge that the whole manufacturing process has its heart in nature. This fantastic range of candles was designed with you (the end user) in mind and is the art of home fragrances so why not have your own little piece of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth? © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Scent Cup Candles 4 Pack Woodland Spa.

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