Secret Garden Dream Catcher

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Keeping to the traditional dream catcher style, but with a wonderful natural woodland aesthetic, the Secret Garden Dream Catcher with a gemstone at the centre is decorated with brown lace to resemble vines and branches, along with green fabric to resemble leaves, clad with brown, yellow and green feathers at the bottom giving the lucky dreamer a pleasant slumber, whilst being at one with nature. Hang this dream catcher above your bed: dream catchers are based on the Native American tradition of hanging a symbolic web over a sleeping person to protect him or her from bad dreams. Hung above the dreamer, the dream catcher filters dreams from the night air, letting only the good dreams and important messages through into the feathers and then filtering them down onto the sleeping person. This stunning dream catcher is perfect for all nature lovers and spiritualists, additionally it would make the perfect gift for those suffering from nightmares, along with the added bonus of its beautiful aesthetic. Measuring H25cm x W15.5cm this dream catcher truly captures the beauty of nature. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Secret Garden Dream Catcher.

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