Sodalite Heart Necklace Natural Jewellery for Meditation

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Sodalite is a rich purple colour with a wonderful stone pattern throughout. It helps balance intellect and intuition; helps clear the mind, bring joy and relieve a heavy heart. Sodalite is also the birthstone for Sagittarius (23rd Nov- 20th Dec) and the symbol of meditation. This gorgeous heart pendant is attached to a quality neck strap which is adjustable or can also be easily removed to carry the stone in your hand, pocket or bag as these are also often used as worry stones. This fantastic range of natural gemstone jewellery comes supplied on a header card with information about the stones, their qualities and what they are associated with. All our pendants are made of solid natural stones meaning the colour, pattern or shade may vary slightly from stone to stone and differ from the image shown, giving you your own unique piece. Please note that the black cord is NOT leather and so they are fine for animal lovers, vegetarians etc.

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