Stack of Cute Dogs Resin Decoration

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This cute quartet of canine buddies is made purely of resin, and made up of four dogs standing on top of each other making a little tower of pups! The bottom dog is a fluffy grey dog with a big black button nose and fur covering its eyes; the second dog is a cheeky black and white spotted dog with its tongue sticking out; the third one is a gorgeous little golden pup with long floppy ears and a little button nose, and last but certainly not least, the fourth and top tier puppy is a little brown dog with a long mouth and little pink ears sticking up above his head. This item would make the perfect gift for dog owners and dog lovers alike. These little chaps would look perfect on a windowsill, table or mantelpiece and even on your desk at work. Measuring H11cm x W3.5cm at the base, re-home these adorable little guys today! © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Stack of Cute Dogs Resin Decoration.  

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