Sweet Vanilla Candle drum by Price’s 25hr

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Vanilla is one of the most popular fragrances as it adapts itself to the occasion and provides a sweet note without becoming overpowering; a familiar, yet exotic scent with a velvety undertone. This candle is perfect to take with you when you travel for example if you stay in a caravan. This candle has a fantastic 25 hour burn time and comes in a metal tin measuring 4cm tall and 6.5cm in diameter. Price’s candles have been around for 170 years and have a long and close association with the Royal Family. Today it holds a Royal Warrant for Her Majesty which means that Price’s supply candles for many Royal State occasions. They claim that candles are not just sources of natural light but are aesthetic, fragranced and highly designed objects in their own right. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Sweet Vanilla Candle rum by Price’s 25hr. 

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