Tree Carving Old Man Large

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This wonderful tree stump log face carving is fashioned from the trunks of Chinaberry and Hibiscus cuts. This intriguing carving from Bali was made with a lot of attention to detail from the wrinkles to the locks of his beard and would make a fantastic decoration all around the house, indoor or outdoor, and it would make a great addition especially to the garden, conservatory or patio. The trunk can be stood on the floor, shelf, windowsill or mantelpiece or it can be hung up on walls or even on a tree. This lovely old man carving would make a fabulous gift idea for someone who is a lover of nature or would make a stunning addition to an existing carving collection. All tree trunk carvings are unique, so please note that the size, the shape and carving may slightly vary from the picture shown. This tree trunk carving measures approximately 29cm tall and 9cm x 3cm wide. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Tree Carving Old Man Large.

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