Uncut Natural Ammonite Fossils Pack of Four

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Enjoy the beautiful results of natural history with this pack of four Ammonite fossils! Our Hildoceras ammonite fossils are ideal for display in the home and would make a wonderful gift idea. They show the spiral shell of the ammonite in great detail and it’s amazing to think that these are from approximately 175 million years ago. Hildoceras ammonite fossils come from the Lower Jurassic Period. These creatures resembled the modern squid, but lived protected in their beautiful shells which are now fossilised giving us the chance to own a piece of history.  Each fossil measures an average of 3-4cm long and 3-4cm wide but due to being natural items the size and shape of each fossil may slightly vary from the image shown. © Please do not copy text. Avena product description – Uncut Natural Ammonite Fossils Pack of Four.   

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